Brick Breaker Builder 1.2.0 software for PC (All Windows)

Brick Breaker Builder 1.2.0 software for PC (All Windows)

Description of Brick Breaker Builder 1.2.0 software for PC (All Windows)

Enjoy a band new version of brick breaker with nearly 300 levels! The goal of the game is to destroy all of the destructible bricks and get the high score.

Black bricks are invulnerable and brown bricks are hard to destroy.

When you destroy bricks, random items fall and can be collected. Items include:
Fire: Makes all the balls in the game burn through any brick they hit for a short period of time
Multi-balls: Adds two new balls to the game
Shots: Fires shots from the paddle that destroy the bricks
Short Paddle: Shortens the paddle
Long Paddle: Lengthens the paddle
Fast ball: Increases the speed
Slow ball: Decreases the speed

This version of brick breaker includes the level builder. Using this tool you can create your own levels. The game will automatically track the high score for each new level you create.

Developer Notes:
Level Building: Custom levels are stored in XML files. It is possible to design your own external level building tool or create an XML level file by hand. If you have an interesting idea for a level, email Jonathan L Clark at with “Level Builder” in the subject line. You will be sent documentation on how to build an XML level file.

Feature Requests: If you have any ideas on ways to improve the game please send them to jonathan84clark@yahoo; your ideas may be in the next release!
Added support for Android 64-bit

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