Color Switch Cross Color 7.0 software for PC (All Windows)

Color Switch Cross Color 7.0 software for PC (All Windows)

Description of Color Switch Cross Color 7.0 software for PC (All Windows)

Bored with old Color Switch Game? don’t worry Cross Color – Color Jump Ball Game is with completely different idea to just hold ball upward and don’t drop it down by avoiding obstacles.

Cross Color – Color Jump Ball Game, Color Switch is an amazing and new reversive version of the old color switch game. In this latest version of cross color ball game has designed with awesome reverse game mode with falling down ball and have to avoid obstacles.

In the old switch game, you have to tap the ball to jump and cross it into the colorful geometric hurdles. In this version of color jump ball game your task is to manage the jumping ball and never let it fall down and have to avoid obstacles.

This new version of classic game has also designed color shifting ball but the scenario of this tap ball color game is different.

Which level of Cross Color – Color Jump Ball Game, Color Switch can you get to ? Cross Color is ready to challenge you!
Don’t Drop the ball, help the ball reach bottom by avoiding colored obstacles!

You will definitely LOVE THE FEATURES:
– Tap, Tap, Tap Ball Color Jump Game
– Easy to learn one tap controls 👆
– The ball smashing action is so strong and impressive
– Avoid from different colorfull shaped Obstacles
– Numerous exciting and unique coloring balls
– Beat the high score & stand first in the leaderboard
– Best time killer
– Forget Color Switch Game and use this Cross Color version

GAMEPLAY MODES of Cross Color – Color Jump Ball Game, Color Switch:

Exciting adventure of crossing the ball through the Obstacles.
Addictive gameplay mechanics and Rich coloring visual effects

⚽️🏀 JUMP JUMP and JUMP 🏀⚽️

The Best arcade Game ever for time consuming and fun.
Love simple and challenging games? Then this is the game for you! Cross Color Valley Jump Ball starts out fast and never lets up.

Challenge your friends or keep trying to beat your own high score!
Extremely fast and addictive!
Switch your concentration on! We know you’ll pass the challenge with flying colors!
Single one tap game play.
Endless fun.
Amusing background music

Tap the screen carefully so that your ball go through obstacles, after ball swap colors by taking the color switcher power-up.
Be careful not to pass through the wrong pattern, or you will have to start again!

Cross Color Jump Ball Game… Free to Play! Match ball color with circle, square or dots coming from top.

Be careful while you switch the color. For how LONG can you keep playing Color Valley without SMASHING your phone or tablet. If you smash it you have to buy new one 🙂 🙂 🙂

Easy to Play: 
Jump Ball Up 
Go through the same Pattern Color aObstascles your Ball on each obstacle to cross it.
Avoid touching different colors. 
The more Stars collected the Higher Score you get.

How far can you get with this addicting game!

Contact us on, share it with your family, friends and your kids.
Bugs Fixed and improvements.

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