K3學中文 (寫字認字) 0.5 software for PC (All Windows)

K3學中文 (寫字認字) 0.5 software for PC (All Windows)

Description of K3學中文 (寫字認字) 0.5 software for PC (All Windows)


學習篇有24個分類,分別是面部、身體、家庭、顏色、形狀、職業、食物、交通、動物、大自然 、水果、昆蟲、文具、衣物、地方、運動、節日、環保等等。小朋友學習相關字詞的筆劃、寫法和讀音。

This learning App is divided into two parts, a learning chapter and a game chapter.

There are 24 categories for learning, including face, body, family, color, shape, occupation, food, transportation, animals, nature, fruits, insects, stationery, clothing, places, sports, festivals, environmental protection, etc. Children learn the strokes, writing and pronunciation of related words.

The game section tests the children’s ability to recognize words.
Version 0.5

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