Markad Racing 2020 1.8 software for PC (All Windows)

Markad Racing 2020 1.8 software for PC (All Windows)

Description of Markad Racing 2020 1.8 software for PC (All Windows)

Join players in the fastest and challenging camel racing ever! Enjoy a multiplayer system with your friends or a single player game, coming in 2020! Enjoy the desert environment and traditional games for the first time on your mobile phone!

Be a part of the Arabian camel racing game that has been given a modern touch while retaining all the traditional features of this famous sports. Camel racing game offers a unique set of game modes, besides the race, you can feed and nurture your camels and play mini games with it! The camel racing game brings real fun to your phone through upgrades and extras from the ground such as food, drink and beauty medicines.

Game Features:

Multiplayer Camel Race
Single Race Sessions
Tournament Racing Mode
Camel Equipment upgrades
Camel Feeding & Cleanliness
EZBA Upgrades
Camel Food & Drinks
Camel Medicines
Camel Sell & Purchase
Jockey, Saddle and Reins Upgrades
Camel Training
– New Multiplayer modes added
– Private play with friends is available now
– Skip medical report criteria updated
– New coins currency introduced
– Updated store purchases
– Gamification improved
– Minor bugs fixes
– Camel cleanliness criteria updated

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