Pictominoes Free 1.7 software for PC (All Windows)

Pictominoes Free 1.7 software for PC (All Windows)

Description of Pictominoes Free 1.7 software for PC (All Windows)

Relax and challenge yourself all at once with this picturesque puzzle game!

Pictominoes is a unique blend of the jigsaw puzzle and pentomino puzzle games, putting beautiful visuals onto geometric tiles that you need to place, rotate and flip to complete the image.

Move, flip and rotate with one finger to get all puzzle pieces to fit onto the grid.

Featuring artwork and photographs from around the world, Pictominoes has something to offer for all tastes and ages!

Make tiny worlds right – one pictomino piece at a time – accompanied by the many soothing tunes of the game’s soundtrack.

Test your observation and spatial reasoning skills with expert jigsaw puzzles that would even make a rôbót raise an eyebrow.

Not in the mood for a brain teaser? No problem. Use hints to help you bring order to the chaos.

Play offline and discover over 500 puzzles, with new puzzle packs added for free with future updates!

Create puzzles from your own photo album!

Published by the creators of OK Golf, Pictominoes is another zen experience bringing you a moment of calm, one picture puzzle at a time.

Soothe your senses, tickle your synapses and keep yourself entertained throughout the day. Be it on your break, commute or whilst having a warm cuppa, Pictominoes is a perfect companion to these small moments.

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Added a brand new pack of architectural puzzles with Urban Geometry!

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