PvC: War Card Game 2.0.6 software for PC (All Windows)

PvC: War Card Game 2.0.6 software for PC (All Windows)

Description of PvC: War Card Game 2.0.6 software for PC (All Windows)

It’s Player vs. Casino in this Casino War card game! Although this card game is based off of the classic war card game, PvC: War Card Game includes simulated playing chips to mimic playing the war card game at the Casino (Casino War)!

The war card game is one of the most easiest understood and played card games. Each player takes 1 card each and whichever value is the highest wins! Ties result in “War”, which means each player burns 3 cards before taking another, whichever has the highest valued card at the end is the winner. Very simple/easy, and the PvC: War / Casino War card game puts a new spin on the war card game by offering simulated betting… Take your shot at cleaning out the Casino $$$!

PvC: War Card Game [Casino War Card Game] features include:
★Casino War card game based on the classic war card game
★Quick and easy war card game to learn and play
★Simulated bets/side bets with fictitious chips, and chip audio fx
★Simulated card images, and card audio effects
★War – Double up and go to War on Tie scenarios
★Stat tracking – track your winnings, losses, and win/loss streaks
★Realistic shuffling “Real Deck” mode enables card counters to thrive! [Available in app version 2.0]
★Options to obtain more playing chips, through purchases or free offers

Features in the works:
★Side bets – Clean out the casino $$$ with additional various side bets and bonus payouts
★More theme/color choices
★Audio effects
★Google Play Games Services – Achievements, and other features.
★ Update major issue with Ad networks.
★ Users may now start to see one-time consent form for ad network were needed.
★ Layout adjustments.
★ Minor bug fixes.

★ Contact support if you have any issues! Email/Discord/Twitter 😁

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