Sea of Thieves 2020 Walkthrough 1.0 software for PC (All Windows)

Sea of Thieves 2020 Walkthrough 1.0 software for PC (All Windows)

Description of Sea of Thieves 2020 Walkthrough 1.0 software for PC (All Windows)

Sea of Thieves is a light-heated pirate game that consists of fighting skeleton swords, fighting deadly monsters, and claiming this sweet loot. Despite a difficult launch, developer Rare has done an excellent job updating and introducing new content for this game. Now available on Steam, there’s no better time to jump into Sea of Thieves to get started. to write your own pirate legend. However, this game can be overwhelming at first, as the idea of ordering your own ship can be quite complicated. Here are some tips for beginners to keep their helmet full of treasures and body parts out of a Megalodon’s stomach.

Sea of Thieves Beginner Tips
Know Your Ship
Never Leave Without Supplies
Pick Your Voyage and Start Your Pirating
It’s Okay to Be Passive But Don’t Expect Others to Be
Tall Tales are Sea of Thieves Story Missions
Clouds and Bosses
Learn the Basics of Combat

Shadow Skeletons: These skeletons can be weakened by fighting them in the light. So if you come across these dark figures at night, be sure to fight close to the light or raise your flashlight to stun them.
Vegetable skeletons: Covered with different types of fauna and algae, vegetable skeletons will regenerate health by standing in the water. Always try to keep them away from the shore or gaps.
Gold Skeletons: Gold skeletons are quite rough and can only be weakened by throwing buckets of water on them. This will rust the skeletons, slowing them down and making them easy to defeat.
Gunpowder Skeletons – The ruin of any pirate’s existence, Gunpowder Skeletons rush towards players with explosive cannon lit. Try to escape them or use your ranged weapon to fire the cannon before they reach you!
Ash Skeletons – Found in the eastern part of the map, Ash Skeletons are similar to common skeletons but have little resistance to fire.

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Sea Of Thieves 2020 Survival Guide

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